The New Car

Photo by Mike Bird from Pexels

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are in the market for a new car.  It’s an urgent search as we need to replace the vehicle quickly.  In looking for a new car there are 2 things that drive a purchase.  Your heart falls in love with a car and you just have to have it or, you do your research and buy what is the best vehicle for the money you have available to you.

I am driven more by the latter, but definitely influenced by liking a car.  I have spent hours on the internet reading reviews of the vehicles that have caught my eye.  I’ve researched the expected values I should see for each vehicle.  I have look at Consumer reports, Edmunds, Car and Driver, Kelly Blue Book, NADA, and read what owners have thought of those vehicles.  I’ve researched the crud out of the vehicles I like.

Ah, the vehicles I like.  Yep, I have really fallen in love with one, and really like two others.  I like an SUV over a car, but the car has a lot less miles on it. (I’m too cheap to buy brand new). The bigger SUV doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the smaller one does, but it’s a year newer. Which way do I go?  What will make the better family vehicle?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Let’s flip that to the spiritual.  How many people when looking for a church spend as much time researching churches and their beliefs as they do a new vehicle?  How many people go with the church that gives them the warm fuzzies despite some serious doctrinal issues?  How many even care about doctrine and just want the feel good part of a church?

Don’t get me wrong, connection is very important, but should it be first importance?  I should look for a church that teaches Biblical truth first and then the connection.  Without the Biblical truth being most important, I may love a church, but miss what God wants.  Sometimes, I need to put my desires aside and elevate God’s desires to the number one slot.  It’s not all about me. It’s about God first. Worship needs to be the number one aspect of gathering together followed closely by fellowship.  Heart (feel good part of belonging to a church) is a very important issue, but only if it’s in the right place.

Looking for a church?  Don’t just attend one that makes you feel good.  Do your research and see if it’s a church that honors God above everything else.  One that seeks to be as right with God as they can possibly be.