What is there for my kids?

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Children 3 & Under

We have an attended nursery for all children 3 and under along as well as a cry room for parents who would like to keep their children with them.


Age 4 - 5th Grade

We have our JOY hour for children ages 4-5th grades every Sunday during worship.  We also offer Bible classes every Sunday and Wednesday for all ages 


3rd - 12th Grade

 Our Youth Group meets every month for a teen activity.

We are also very involved with Leadership Training For Christ. It's a great program that teaches 3rd graders -12th graders how to develop their talents to use for the kingdom of God.

 There are activities, for those who like to speak and act, creative events, singing, and writing just to name a few.  You can learn more about this great program by going to www.mwlct.org