What Our Worship Service Is Like

We want all to feel welcome when you enter our doors.  Some of our members dress up, but most are pretty casual in dress.  Our goal is to worship God and not worry about a fashion show.

Our worship is a simple, informal style of worship.  In our times of group worship, you will see the following things:

  • Singing  - We sing Acapella.  That is, we don't use instruments.  We have a mix of hymns and praise songs and encourage the whole congregation to participate.   
  • Communion - We take communion every week to commemorate the death of our Savior and his sacrifice for our redemption.       
  • Praying - We  begin and end our worship in prayer and often have prayers interspersed throughout our worship.        
  • Giving - We offer our members an opportunity to support the needs of the church each week.  You are not expected to contribute unless you desire to.
  • Scripture Reading and Sermons - We seek to share God’s message in a relevant way.