Moving for Love

My youngest daughter graduated from college in December.  She is a woman of strong opinions and very independent.  Two of her stronger opinions was never getting married young and hating winter.  She never counted on the boy who came into her life.  He graduated in May and got a job in Minnesota.

Renee comes home after graduation with a ring on her hand and a whole new plan for life.  They are going to get married in the fall and she can’t stand being away from him, so she is going to move to Minnesota…in January…just before the polar vortex.  Yes, you can laugh at the irony of her life.  I sure did!

Yet, here is the reality that so many of us understand about life.  When you love someone, you want to be with them.  When you love someone, you will do whatever you need to do to continue the relationship even when it’s something that you aren’t thrilled about. It’s what love does to you. It’s what convinced my lovely wife to give up a good job and move away from Hawaii to Indiana (For the record I was willing to move to Hawaii!)

So, let’s look at a spiritual application of this story.  What are we willing to do when we fall in love with God?  Will we “move” to wherever he calls us?  Will we take a different job to be in his will?  Will we love him so much that we will do whatever it takes to be with him?

Before you say “yes,” think about your life right now.  Have you moved for God or do you expect God to move for you? Too many people love themselves more than God.  Oh, they love God, but not enough to change their lives.  They want to be the top person in the relationship.  They are more interested in dating God than marrying him.  “Until death do us part” is too much commitment. 

So, let me ask you again; How much do you love God? Are you willing to move for love, even if it isn’t your perfect place, because God is there, and you just want to be with him no matter what?